Event Information



Boathouse Bar and Grill

Adam's Birthday Party, during which Adam was celebrating his seventeenth birthday, took place during the events of Medallion at the Boathouse. This event may have happened on January 28, based on Royce Armstrong's conspiracy wall.


At Adam's birthday party, the place is packed with people. Diana make a speech for what it tells us about her perspective and Adam’s character. Faye and Melissa are outside and Melissa is now very high on the Devil’s Spirit which Faye has shared with her. Cassie confronts. Adam and he admits taking the medallion. He wants to protect her, and he continues to have doubts about Jake. Charles talks with Ethan and slip some kind of pill in his mug. Later, when Ethan has passed out, Charles retrieves the crystal. Faye has called Callum for more drugs and when he arrives at the party, he gets into an arguement with Jake, so he left.

Notes and Trivia

  • This is the first birthday of Adam since he broke up with Diana.
  • Adam wears the same slip over from Pilot.

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