Adam, Cassie and Diana
Type Love
Status inactive
Origin Pilot
Objectors none

The love triangle between Adam Conant, Cassie Blake and Diana Meade.

Season One

When Cassie Blake first arrives to Chance Harbor, she catches Adam Conant's eye . But then she finds out his girlfriend is Diana Meade, and she's clearly upset about that.

Cassie's arrival made a lot of quarrels between Diana and Adam. Although, they still dated each other, tried to explain every misunderstandings and make it okay. Unfortunately Adam's dad, Ethan Conant, messed it up, telling Diana that Adam and Cassie are destined to be together and bad things happen when you mess up with destiny, leading to Diana and Adam's break-up.

Both girls started to like new boys in town - Diana flirted with Holden Glaser, and Cassie with Jake Armstrong, leaving Adam alone, jealous of both of them equally.

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