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Cassie, there is no elixir that can make me forget how much I love you, not for long, I swear
Adam to Cassie [src]

The romantic relationship between Adam Conant and Cassie Blake is complicated as Adam is the ex-boyfriend of Cassie's good friend and half-sister, Diana Meade. Since Valentine their relationship seems to have progressed quickly.

The two are most commonly known as Cadam (for Cassie and Adam) but it is also rarely called Cam (Cassie and Adam).

Early History

Before Adam and Cassie met, Adam's father Ethan Conant was in love with Cassie's mother Amelia Blake. We are initially told that they dated at one point, but Amelia met John Blackwell, and in the end, Amelia chose Cassie's father over Ethan, thus making Ethan depressed. Although in actuality she chose Ethan and they both tried to kill Blackwell.

Ethan tells Cassie that Cassie's family and Adam's family are "written in the stars". So, the love that he once felt for Cassie's mother is destined to be repeated in Cassie's relationship with Adam.

It is later revealed by Blackwell, that there was a curse surrounding the Blakes and Conants. If a member of each family became romantically (i.e. sexually) involved with one another, it would cause the death of someone in their Circle. In reality, Blackwell faked the curse to stop Adam and Cassie from being together because their love would be too strong and would lead them to leave the Circle, thus breaking their collective power.

Season One


Adam Conant and Cassie Blake about to kiss in the pilot

Adam instantly connects with Cassie when they first meet, although neither act on their feelings due to Adam's three year long relationship with Diana. After Diana invites Cassie to the Boathouse Bar and Grill, where Adam works, he stops a conversation from going too far between Cassie and his father and he reintroduces himself. Adam saves Cassie from a car fire caused by Faye by mentally extinguishing the flames and takes Cassie home at the insistence of Diana. The next day, at the old house where the Secret Circle meets, Adam and the other coven members reveal that Cassie is a witch and a destined member of the Circle. After Cassie runs out, Adam follows her and they have a moment, in which the two make droplets of water levitate in the air. Adam attempts to kiss Cassie, but Cassie rejects him and runs away. Later that night, Adam appears on the Blake's doorstep and apologizes for trying to kiss her, explaining that he was caught up in the moment.


Season 1 Episode 9 - Balcoin

The next day, Adam comforts Cassie after she makes Faye and Melissa's beaker catch fire in chemistry class. He explains to her the importance of binding the Circle's powers and what happened 16 years ago. Later, at the old house, Adam shows Cassie how to light a lightbulb with the energy that flows through them, and then to light it by herself. Overwhelmed by the closeness to Adam and their connection to each other, Cassie accidentally shatters the lightbulb with her powers and rushes out of the room. When Diana is not able to convince Cassie about binding their powers, she enlists Adam to persuade Cassie. While watching Adam and Cassie talking about their almost kiss and their connection, Diana is mocked by Faye about Adam and Cassie's relationship. After Faye starts another storm and Sally Matthews is almost killed, Cassie agrees to do the binding.


Adam explains his feelings for Cassie.

Diana questions whether Adam likes Cassie, but Adam reassures Diana that he loves her. On his way to the beach for the Binding Ceremony, Adam tries to give Cassie a ride. She refuses, but he reassures her that he only wants to be friends. After Cassie agrees to a ride and gets in the car, the street lamps outside flicker and explode. At the beach, the Secret Circle sets a bonfire and they perform the ceremony, binding them all.

With the school dance coming up, Adam's friend, Luke, asks him to introduce him to Cassie. Adam grudgingly agrees. Luke invites Cassie to the dance, but she declines his offer, citing that she has too much to do, as she is on the dance's decorating committee, and the fact that she's never been to a dance. While planning the decorations, Sally Matthews brings up the idea of Adam leaving Diana for Cassie. After watching Adam and Diana, Cassie is about to leave but is stopped by Adam, who asks if she has accepted Luke's invitation. She says maybe, then asks Luke if his offer is still on the table and she accepts his invitation. At the dance, Adam tries to talk to Cassie when Luke goes to get drinks. During a forced slow dance, Adam tells Cassie that he knows she wants to avoid him and that it's better if they're friends, but Cassie thinks it might be weird for Diana when streetlamps start exploding when the two are around each other. Diana interrupts the dance and tells them about Zachary Larson, a man who is trying to kill a member of the coven and is hunting down Faye.

In the hallway, the four make a plan, but Luke appears and Diana tells Cassie to go back to the dance with him. Luke ends the date with Cassie, saying that she's too distracted and distant. After Zachary is captured, Diana walks Cassie home and they talk about their mothers and Cassie's relationship with Adam. Cassie assures her that she won't ever come between Diana and Adam.

A romantic spark continues to grow between the couple, and in the episode Fire/Ice Adam admits to his father that he felt a connection with Cassie from the moment they met; this leads Adam to asking Cassie to the Fire/Ice dance while in the basement of the abandoned house. Cassie says no, because she doesn't want to hurt Diana which leads Adam to confess that ever since they meet all he can think about is what if they are truly meant to be together. They later go to the dance alone, but neither one can keep their eyes off each other.

Cassie and Adam

Cassie and Adam's first kiss.

After Adam, Diana and Melissa are all hurt by Faye in an attempt to steal Cassie's magic, Cassie and Adam head back to the basement of the abandoned house where Cassie admits that she believes her father was trying to pull the darkness out of himself and that she wants to do the same. Adam trys to take the spell book from Cassie so she won't do anything silly and this turns into Adam and Cassie laughing and looking into each others eyes. Adam then tells Cassie that her destiny is important to him and the two share an intimate kiss, which is then interrupted by Jake's arrival.

In Witness , Adam tries to be protective of Cassie by keeping her away from Jake. Adam doesn't want Cassie around Jake and doesn't understands how she can trust him. Adam is extremely worried when Cassie tells him she is going back into Jake's memory to find out what happened to everyone's parents the day of the tragic fire, and his worry increases more when Cassie gets stuck inside Jake's memories. After Cassie has been brought back to reality she goes to the boat to pick up the medallion that her father dropped; running into Jake in the proccess, the two head to the cemetery to dig up her father's grave in order to see if he is still alive.

Adam finds out during the next episode, Medallion, what Cassie and Jake did. This makes Adam upset and worried that Cassie may be hurt by Jake. In an attempt to keep Cassie safe, Adam takes her father's medillion which in turn, upsets her. Cassie heads to Adam's party only to walk in on Diana giving a birthday speech about Adam, making Cassie a little jealous. She then confronts Adam about taking her father's mediallion; Adam admits his mistake, giving Cassie back the medallion and explaining to her that he accepts her for who she is and that he doesn't believe that she is overriden by dark magic.


Adam telling Cassie he cares for her.

Valentine's Day comes around and a nervous Adam asks Cassie on a date, which Cassie turns down because she is attending an anti-valentine slumber party at Faye's, but she does accept the offer for another night. After school Cassie heads down to the abandoned house basement in which she sees a ghost. In fright Cassie screams and runs straight into Adam who then goes down to the basement to make sure everything is okay, only to find that no one is there. Later that night when Cassie is at Faye's house, Adam calls Cassie asking if she is okay, when she replies that she isn't, Adam asks if she would like to come to his place. While Cassie is driving to see Adam she is choked by her father's medallion around her neck. While this is happening Adam is at home setting up a Valentine's dinner for himself and Cassie. Adam worries when Jake arrives looking for Cassie who hasn't arrived yet. The boys go off together in search of Cassie but instead of finding Cassie, they find her crashed car; Cassie has gone off in search of a ghost that leads her into a church, Jake mentions this church and they rush to find her. They find Cassie in the church surronded by ghosts who Adam tries to scare off in order to save Cassie. This results in him becoming

Adam becoming possessed.

possessed. A now angry "Adam" is demanding that the medallion be given to him or he will be killed; Cassie has to make a decision between saving Adam's life or keeping the medallion. Jake tries to convince her to let Adam die but she won't do it; she pretends to give the medallion to Adam but crushes it before he can get his hands on it. The crushing of the medallion releases Adam from possession and he and Cassie embrace in relief. Finally Adam gets to take Cassie to the boat where they would have had dinner, Cassie is grateful and also sorry that she put Adam in danger. Adam reminds her that she is amazing and the two share a passionate kiss. It is at this point that Adam and Cassie begin dating.

At the end of the episode Lucky, John Blackwell states that being "written in the stars" isn't just fate, it's a curse. Unaware of the curse, Adam tells Cassie that he loves her and they have sex. This activates the curse. Crows can be seen flying outside over the house where Adam and Cassie are making love, signifying the beginning of the curse.


Adam and Cassie - Valentine's Day.

In Curse, Cassie and Adam find out, from Blackwell, that their "written in the stars" destiny is true but is it also a curse. Cassie and Blackwell go to see Jane, Cassie's grandmother, who says that if the curse is activated then it will cause a member of their circle to die. Cassie and Adam tell the circle that they activated the curse. Jake is not there, so Cassie goes to find Jake and realizes that he is the one that is going to die. So Cassie and Adam try to find a cure. Cassie, Adam and Jake go on a trek to find the missing ingredient where Jake has halluncinations of Calvin Wilson, the man who Jake killed. Blackwell tells Cassie that the cure is for Cassie and Adam to drink an elixir that will eliminate their romantic feelings for each other. They would remember being together and that they were in love but they would no longer be in love after they drink the elixir. They decide to go through with it to save Jake. Cassie and Adam wake up at Cassie's house but Adam no longer has any feelings for Cassie. When he leaves, Cassie is crying but trying to hold back her tears. Blackwell goes to see Cassie and sees that she is upset. Cassie remembers being in love with Adam and tells Blackwell that she is still in love with him. He surmises that Cassie's dark magic was strong enough to counteract the effects of the elixir. Cassie says that she needs to be alone. Blackwell goes outside and is met by Dawn who says that there is no Conant/Blake Curse and that Blackwell made it up to destroy their relationship because of their destiny. They would become so absorbed with one another that they would no longer be involved in the circle, and thus weaken it.

Cassie continues to struggle with her love for Adam. She doesn't tell Adam that the elixir didn't work on her, instead choosing to avoid being near Adam due to her unrequited feelings for him. Adam seem to experience some problems with not having any feelings for Cassie. In Traitor, Adam comes to comfort Cassie and she kisses him. She later apologizes to Adam for what she did. Adam forgives her and tells her that he's there for her as a friend. Adam later tells Melissa about Cassie kissing him and that he is confused by his feelings for Cassie. They believe that Adam is redeveloping feelings for Cassie and that he should not give in or the curse will kill someone.


Adam: "How was your first day?"
Cassie: "It's not over yet, I'll get back to you."
-- Pilot.

Cassie: "Adam?"
Adam: "Are you hurt? You okay?"
Cassie: "Yeah, I'm okay."
-- Balcoin.

Cassie : I'm sorry again for almost killing you and not trusting you."
Adam : "I'm not looking for more apologies. I'm just trying to understand."
Cassie : "Join the club."

Cassie : "You don't need to apologize."

Adam : "Yea, I do. I'm sorry for saying anything to Diana. Me being used to saying things to her shouldn't have taken priority over your trust. But I do think it's for the best that everyone knows and I'm sure whatever is going on with you is not that big a deal. And any of us making you feel bad for.. being different that's just ridiculous."
-- Darkness.

Adam : "I know you're trying to keep your distance from me. And I understand. I think. I'm really glad that you reached out to Diana today, though. She really wants to be your friend."
Cassie : "And that's nice of her. But I'm not so sure it's a great idea."
Adam : "Why?"
Cassie : "Why? Really? Because sometimes when we're together, street lights explode. And I think that might be weird for Diana. And you. And me."
-- Loner.

Adam : "Your destiny is important to me." (to Cassie)
-- Fire/Ice.

Adam : "What if you and I really are meant to be together?"
Cassie : "I can't think about that."
Adam : "It's funny 'cause these days, I can't think about anything else."
-- Fire/Ice .

Cassie : "It's like I'm living in a Harry Potter movie."
Adam : "They have wands."
-- Bound.

Adam : Got a broom?
Cassie : Sure I'm a witch.
Both laugh
-- Heather.

Adam : "You're Amazing" (to Cassie)
-- Valentine.

Cassie : "Does Diana know your here?"
Adam : "No."
-- Heather.
Adam: Hey, are we going to casino night together?
Cassie: You mean a real, out in public date.
Adam: Yeah.
Cassie: Then hell yes.
-- Lucky
Adam: Cassie, there is no elixir that can make me forget how much I love you, not for long, I swear.


  • In episode Lucky, Cassie loses her virginity to Adam.
  • In episode Curse, Cassie and Adam drink the elixir that is supposed to make them forget their love. As a result, they break up. However, the elixir works on Adam but not on Cassie, presumably because her dark magic is stronger than the effects of the elixir, or because John Blackwell orchestrated it so that only Adam would fall out of love with Cassie.
  • They share a kiss in Traitor.

Dating Relationship

  • Start Up: Valentine.
  • Ends: Curse
    • John Blackwell created a fake curse that threatened their relationship and the Circle. He brewed an elixir that would stop Adam from loving Cassie, which ended their relationship.


FakeVz Best Friends Adam & Cassie - Written in the Stars

FakeVz Best Friends Adam & Cassie - Written in the Stars

The way I'm look at you (Adam\Cassie)

The way I'm look at you (Adam\Cassie)


The secret circle 1x16 cassie and adam coda

The secret circle 1x16 cassie and adam coda

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