Adam and Ethan
General Information




First Met

Day of Adam's birth.

Intimacy Level


Portrayed By

Thomas Dekker and Adam Harrington

The relationship between Adam Conant and Ethan Conant.


Adam has been with his father for most of his life. He would know about how his dad was meant to be with Amelia Blake due to them being written in the stars. Adam would think that his dad never loved his mother due to him talking about Amelia. Adam has a good relationship with his father despite his drinking. They would work together at the Boathouse bar and grill.

Season One

Adam saw Cassie at the Boathouse and Ethan would tell him how pretty she is. He would hear about Ethan and Charles going through a tough time with each other, Adam to tell to work things out due to Charles being Diana's dad. During the wake for Nick, Adam would hear his dad talking about Amelia and Blackwell which Adam was curious about. He tells him to keep it cool due to him being the host. Adam was dissapointed with his dad due to him breaking up Adam and Diana so he would end up with Cassie. Adam thinks that he is trying to ruin his life like he ruined his. Ethan didn't want Adam to ended up like him and advised him to not mess with destiny.

In Fire/Ice, Ethan stayed sober and he apologize to Adam for getting between him and Diana. Adam revealed that he has feelings for Cassie since the day they met.

In Witness, Adam learned that his father lied to him about not being there in the boatyard fire after Cassie told him.

In Medallion, Ethan would throw a birthday party for his son at the Boathouse. He would give a speech at his party and tell him that he loves him.

In Return, Adam met John Blackwell at the Boathouse and Ethan saw John at the same time. He told John to stay away from Adam and Cassie and later told Adam to stay away from John.

In Lucky, Cassie and Adam had an argument about his father's involvement with the witch hunter. Adam went to see his father and asked about his father's history with John which he denied to share. He told Adam to not let their history come between him and Cassie.

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