Adam and Faye
General Information

Fadam, Adaye



First Met

in childhood

Intimacy Level


Portrayed By

Phoebe Tonkin and Thomas Dekker

The relationship between Adam Conant and Faye Chamberlain.


Faye and Adam attended the same high school. They weren't close though they hang out together. They found out that they are witches.

Season One

Faye used magic with set Cassie's car on fire and Adam saved her. Adam was with the circle when Faye told Cassie that she is a witch. After Faye got Sally injured, they bound the circle. Adam tried to call Cassie though Faye answer her phone and began to tease Adam. He heard Faye being attacked at Cassie's house and when went to help them.

Adam gave Faye a ride to Henry's house. While playing truth or dare, Faye began to asked Cassie if she likes other people's boyfriends which ticked Adam off.

Faye came to see Adam about her suspicion about Jake and the two would look into it. They went to the Gala together and Adam found out that Jake is a witch hunter. They came to see Jake who told them that witch hunters took Cassie. Faye noticed about Jake's feelings for Cassie and they would go save her.

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