Adam and Jake
General Information



Rivals & Allies

First Met

In their teens

Intimacy Level

Willing To Work Together While Being With The Circle or When Cassie's In Trouble.

Portrayed By

Thomas Dekker and Chris Zylka

"Oh, God. Imagine if there were a whole nother Cassie running around. Then you could each have one!"
Faye Chamberlain about Jake's and Adam's rivalry. [src]
The relationship between Adam Conant and Jake Armstrong.


Jake was given a job at the Boathouse by Adam's father Ethan Conant. He stole money from the Boathouse and almost caused adams father to lose the boat house. Adam has had a dislike for Jake ever since then.

Season One

Jake return to Chance Harbor which Adam wasn't too happy to hear. Their relationship got worse due to Jake being close to Cassie. The two fought after hearing Jake's insult about his father. While at Henry's house, Adam played truth or dare on Jake and Jake respond with truth. He asked him why the witch hunters didn't take him hostage with the others and Jake answered because he is stronger than the others, Adam didn't believe him. Adam witness Cassie kissing Jake and looked the other way to Diana. Adam learned that Jake is a witch hunter and confronted him after Cassie was kidnapped. He and Jake worked together to save Cassie and Jake left with the witch hunters afterward's.

Jake returned to witness Adam and Cassie kissing and offer to help them. Adam continued to deal with his issues with Jake and his feeling for Cassie. Adam believe that Jake is pushing Cassie to do reckless things. The two worked together when Cassie was haunted by dead witches. Adam became possessed by the witches and Jake advised Cassie not to give them the medallion. Adam was saved and Jake went to see Isaac with a piece of the medallion. Adam was able to save Jake from Eben with the circle's help and they would go help Cassie.

Jake was in danger from the curse that John has faked. Adam and Cassie learned that Jake killed Calvin. Jake attacked Adam while hallucinating until Cassie stopped him. Adam and Cassie drank the elixir to save Jake. Jake and Adam would continue to work together in the circle.

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