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Melissa using Aerokinesis

Aerokinesis is the ability to manipulate and produce air and affect the flow, velocity and chemical composition of air and wind. This is a common power possessed by all witches.


Season 1

This power isn't really demonstrated much with the exception of Faye Chamberlain's lightning storm, which conjured heavy winds.

This power was also demonstrated when the Circle confronted Zachary Larson.

This power is however referenced many time in spells of varying nature.

It is thought that this is the characteristic element of Melissa Glaser.

The power was also demonstrated when Dawn Chamberlain saved her daughter, Melissa, and Jake from being burned at the stake. 


Wind manipulation is the power to control wind. One with this power might be able to affect wind flow in such a way that they could produce tornadoes, hurricanes, influence the weather to produce tropical storms, or even just push back an enemy with a strong gust of wind. It is also possible for one with this power to be capable of self-propelled flight using wind currents, as well as manipulating and changing the chemical structure of certain gases. Aerokinesis can also be used to levitate objects and throw them.



The ability to influence and manipulate the weather and storms.


The ability to move objects with the mind.


The ability to manipulate and affect sounds and sound waves.

Known Users

Witches who have displayed this power are:


Spells such as the lightning storm, candle lighting and water droplet levitation spell have all referenced air.


  • Like Geokinesis, this element has actually never been officially displayed magically, with the exception of the wind generated by Faye's storm.
  • This element is associated with Melissa Glaser due to the promotional posters.