Cassie reads her mother's letter.

Amelia Blake had written a letter for Cassie, which she would only read if Amelia had died and Cassie had moved to Chance Harbor, Washington. The letter explained to Cassie that she was indeed a witch and that she had great power inside of her. It also explained that people would come after her for her power.

My sweet Cassie,
You finding this letter means that I'm gone and for
that I am so sorry. I didn't want you to
have this life. I didn't want it for myself
either, but destiny's not easy to run from.
I hoped that keeping this secret would keep
you safe, but all I've done is left you
You have incredible power inside you.
People will come for it. They will come
for you.
I have no idea of the world you're
going to encounter. But find your
strength. And believe in yourself as I
believe in you. Who you are is your
greatest protection.
I will love you always,
your mom.

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