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Andrew Miller is the co-creator and executive producer of The Secret Circle. He also developed the show as his Secret Circle co-creater Kevin Williamson was working on his main project The Vampire Diaries.


Season One


As An Actor

  • Iris Expanding(2010)
  • Nothing(2003)
  • Circles(1998)
  • Cube(1997)
  • Last Of The Dogmen(1995)
  • Trapped In Paradise(1994)
  • Trial By Jury(1994)
  • Boozecan(1994)
  • JFK: Reckless Youth(1993)
  • Family Pictures(1993)
  • Plashch Kazanovy(1993)
  • Oh, What A Night(1992)
  • South Of Wawa(1991)
  • Perfectly Normal(1991)
  • Thanks Of A Greatful Nation(1990)
  • Princes In Exile(1990)

As A Director

  • Boy Meets Girl(2010)
  • Imaginary Bitches(2008-2009)(TV Series)(14 Episodes)
  • Cooking To Get Lucky(2008)(TV Series)(5 Episodes)

As A Writter

  • The Secret Circle (2011-2012)(TV Series)(5 Episodes)
  • Imaginary Bitches(2008-2009)(TV Series)(12 Episodes)
  • Nothing(2003)
  • Boys And Girls(2000)
  • Simon Sez(1999)

As A Producer

  • The Secret Circle (2011-2012)(TV Series)
  • Imaginary Bitches(2008-2009)(TV Series)
  • Nothing(2003)(Co-Producer)

Early & Personal Life

  • Miller was born in 1969 in Toronto,Canada,
  • He Attended McGill University In Montreal,Canada where he studied Political Science and Economics.
  • On March 10 2007, Miller became engaged to actress Eden Riegel. The two were married on Septeber 30 2007, in Maliby, California.

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