The Armstrong Book of Shadows

The Armstrong Family Book of Shadows is the Spell Book of the Armstrong line of Witches. one of the six families that settled in Chance Harbor after fleeing Salem.

Season 1

After questioning him about how he knew he was a witch, Jake revealed to Cassie that he had already found his book of shadows years ago, and he picked up a few spells along the way.

In the episode Balcoin, Jake showed pieces of what is thought to be the Armstrong Book of Shadows, with details about the Blackwell and Balcoin family and texts about how strong and destructive dark magic is, how it can turn against someone, corrupt who they really are.

It is also possible that the Armstrong Family Book of Shadows contains the spell for the making of Witch Cruids that Jake Armstrong used to kill witches. This has not been proved however or he could learn them from his time as a Witch Hunter.


Burning Eye Spell

Incantation: Burning Star, Blood Red Eye.

Note: Will burn the eyes, turning the whites red. And able to defend the attack of a Witch Hunter.

Electric Surge Spell

Incantation: Imphatus Bannacd.

Requirments and Materials: Crush a turned on electric light bulb

Note: Will burst a light and spread sparks.

Memory Spell

Incantation: Compore intin, comsera en praterum.

Requirments and Materials: Something that was physically in place during the time of the incident

Note: Will allow the witch to experience the memory like they were actually there. No one from the memory can see or hear the witch during that time the only exception to this rule are psychics. They must be careful not to lose sight of whats real or whats fake, because if they start believing that the memory is real and they die, than they can die in real life.

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Book appearance

Pages from Armstrong's book of shadows.