Armstrong Family

Richard, Sara, Jake and Nick Armstrong shown in Witness.

The Armstrong Family is one of the six Salem Witch Families that composes the Circle in Chance Harbor, Washington. It was also one of the families that were slaughtered in the Boatyard Fire sixteen years ago. Nowadays, Jake Armstrong is the representant of his family inside the Circle.

The Family Members

By blood


Family Tree

Richard's Mother †
Royce Armstrong
Sara's Mother
Sara's Father
Richard Armstrong
Sara Armstrong
Jake Armstrong
Nick Armstrong


  • Richard and Sara were the only witches in their Circle to have two children. Based on the age of Jake, it is likely that they were the first members of their Circle to marry.
  • Jake and Nick were the only children to lose both parents the night of the Boatyard Fire, despite the fact that Diana, Adam, and Faye all had two parents aboard.
  • It is unknown if the aunt and uncle that raised Jake and Nick are witches and if the aunt and uncle that raised Jake and Nick were related to Sara or Richard.

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