Atmokinesis is the ability to influence the weather. One with this ability can create storms such as thunder storms, hurricanes, monsoons and tornadoes, change the temperature and weather patterns, and even manipulate the natural elements. This is thought to be a common power among witches.


Season One

This power is shown only twice in the run of the show so far, both times being cast by Faye. The first time is it used, Faye (who has been vastly strengthened by her circle's completion) summons a fierce lightning storm upon Chance Harbor,
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'Skies above, rain down on me'

causing heavy winds, rain and severe lightning, which eventually strikes Diana. The spell is stopped by Cassie, oddly, considering both Faye (who cast the spell) and Diana weren't able to stop it.

The second time it is used is when Faye threatens Cassie that she will conjure another storm (when Cassie refuses to perform magic with her). In doing this, she nods, smiles and the sound of thunder is hear, signaling an oncoming storm. This time, it is implied that Faye does not require a spell to influence the weather as she did before.


This ability is possessed by all witches, considering that weather is nothing more than the mixture of all the natural elements; all of which witches can manipulate. With this power, a witch could affect weather patterns, inducing storms or removing them, changing the temperature, conditions, etc.

Known Users

All witches who have displayed usage of this power are:

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"Skies above, give me a sign. Please sky, rain down on me! More!" is the spell Faye used to conjure the lightning storm. Unfortunately, once cast, it was too powerful for Faye to handle alone and she lost control of it. Unable to stop it, she turned to Cassie for help, who eventually managed to cease the storm.


  • Faye is the only witch shown to influence the weather. Theoretically, Cassie only undid the spell, which is a totally seperate brand of magic.
  • It is theorized that lightning is the element associated with Faye Chamberlain, and ironically this is the element chosen to be conjured by her. It was also so powerful that she herself couldn't control it.
  • It is proven in the episode "Bound" that once the spell had been cast the first time, Faye was able to influence the weather thereafter without further use of any spells.
  • In H2O, Phoebe Tonkin's character Cleo could also summon storms combined with her other friend's powers.