The Balcoin Medallion belonged to the Blackwell Family and was an object for channeling and transferring Dark Magic.



The Balcoin Medallion was first shown in a flashback from Jake Armstrong's memories of the Boatyard Fire that occured sixteen years ago, where it saved John Blackwell from a Dark Witch killing ritual performed by Eben, a leader of the Council of Witch Hunters. As Cassie Blake saw her father drop it on that day, she came back to take it.[1] According to Lucy Gibbons, the Balcoin Medallion has stolen the powers of countless witches, with among them those of the Nidaros Coven, which gave it incredible power. In a ritual, Lucy tried to force the Circle into placing their Magic into the Balcoin Medallion, so that they would have been powerless, and the Witch Hunters could have killed them easily.[2] After Cassie activated the Balcoin Medallion, she seemingly awakened ghosts. Jake investigated and discovered from Isaac that the spirits of dead witches, whose powers were placed into the Balcoin Medallion, would come back to take them back. The Nidaros Coven was one of those and seeking to take their powers back, they lured Cassie into a trap. With the intervention of Adam Conant and Jake, Cassie had to destroy the Balcoin Medallion so that Adam would be free of possession.[3] Later, John Blackwell asked Cassie to return the Balcoin Medallion to him, so that he would be able to protect them, but she told him she had destroyed it.[4]

Powers and abilities

502px-Сивол ЧМ

The Symbol of the Blackwell Family


The Balcoin Medallion symbol first appeared in the basement of John Blackwell's Old House, carved on the ceiling, where Adam commented this symbol was used in spells and rituals to channel Dark Magic.[5]

The Medallion enables to channel Dark Magic and to perform some powerful spells, but it also enables to absorb a witch's powers inside of it.

According to Jake Armstrong, the Balcoin Medallion has the power of thousands of Witches.


  • Spell to control fire and use it to kill enemies:
Incantation: Ignes Dissipare Et Vallum.
Requirements: the Balcoin Medallion and a fire.


See Also


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