The Blackwell Symbol: possibly on the book's cover.

The Blackwell Family Book of Shadows is possibly the spell book of the Blackwell line of Witches. It is unknown if such a book exists, as John Blackwell never mentioned it, but still, it is very likely that it indeed exists. It might as well be in the hands of the four other children of John Blackwell. The book must have mostly references regarding Dark Magic.

If the book does exists, it was likely first written by Francis Balcoin as he was the first member of the Blackwell Family. It is also possible that there may be more than one book since the True Believers believed they had erradicated the entire line after having hunted them and killed a member of the Blackwell bloodline, and were likely to have destroyed their Book of Shadows in order to prevent other witches from using its knowledge to use dark magic.

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