The Balcoin(Later Changed To Blackwell) Family Symbol

Isaac: "That's impossible; the Balcoin line was erradicated."
Jake Armstrong: "Hidden, but not erradicated. The name was changed to Blackwell."
— Isaac and Jake about Cassie's lineage.[src]

The Blackwell Family, originally known under the name Balcoin, is an extremely powerful and feared line of witches who are practitioners of Dark Magic. The Blackwell family descends from Francis Balcoin, their evil ancestor. Similar to how the Blake family can be traced to the origin of White Magic, the Blackwell family can be traced to the origins of Dark Magic. The Balcoins were believed to had been eradicated by witch-hunters, but they remained hidden, and took the name of Blackwell. The family is infamous for their terrible acts of evil committed over the years.

It is said by Jake Armstrong in Cassie's dream in the episode Darkness that Balcoin blood is the Devil's Blood.

Family Members

By blood


Family Relatives

Francis Balcoin
Jane Thomas
E. Blackwell
Joseph's Wife †
Joseph Blackwell
James Blackwell
Emma Watkins
John's Mother
Samuel Blackwell
Amelia Blake
John Blackwell
Elizabeth Meade
Cassie Blake
Diana Meade

Notes and Trivia

  • Only two known members of the Blackwell family who have dark magic were known to become evil, Francis Balcoin and his descendent John Blackwell.
  • It is unknown if all, or some members of the Blackwell family become evil, or they chose not to become evil of a personal choice.
  • Francis Balcoin was the first existing member of the Blackwell family.


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