Boathouse Bar and Grill is a local bar located in Chance Harbor, Washington and originated in 1948. Ethan Conant owns the bar, along with his son, Adam Conant, who works as bartender. This is usually a place where the circle hangs out and talks. During the series, it has been a place for Nick's wake and Adam's birthday party. In the episode Fire/Ice, it's mentioned by Adam that it's located down at Sunset Marina.


  • The area around the Boathouse seems to be where a lot of bad magical occurences take place. For example the Circle's parents' accident, Sally Matthews' near death experience, or Abaddon's drowning.
  • After seeing each other at school, Adam and Cassie properly met at the Boathouse.


Boathouse Bar and Grill
General Information

Owned by the Conants


Sunset Marina


Chance Harbor