A Book of Shadows is a book containing religious texts
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Meade and Blake Books of Shadows

and instructions for magical rituals, spells, chants, potions and a wide range of magical information. This may be a sort of diary for the witch, where she pin's experiences, success and failures, and also facts of particular importance. Books of Shadows becomes a mirror of the witch, a kind of map of her magical journey. Books of Shadows are handed down from generation to generation or from teacher to disciple. People who inherit the book, not only have a rich variety of magical things, but they can also learn from previous mistakes that witches met in their journey. From generation to generation every witch adds something personal to the Book of Shadows. Some things are common and also shared in many Book of Shadows, others are unique. They are usualy strictly personal and some even keep their books away from others and hide them in certain hiding places. Some books are simply written, others are richly decorated with drawings, frames, dried herbs.

Although every family contains their own book, only Cassie Blake, Diana Meade and Jake Armstrong, have found their family's Book of Shadows.

Secret Hiding Places
Cassie Blake keeps her Book of Shadows in a secret compartment inside of a fireplace mantle in her bedroom, this is the same place her mother, Amelia, kept it safe.

Cassie beside her hiding place, about to show Adam her Book.

It is unknown where exactly Diana Meade found her book of shadows, but it is known that she started keeping it under s staircase in the  Abandoned House, under a step. when the circle started using it

Known Books of Shadows