Calvin Wilson
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  • Male
  • Deceased
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  • Shop owner
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  • Unnamed wife
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"You were always a bit blind when it came to Amelia."
— Calvin, to Ethan Conant. [src]

Calvin Wilson was a witch residing in Chance Harbor and also the owner of an antique store.



Calvin met Cassie Blake and Faye Chamberlain while they were shopping for Halloween outfits and props. Even if he didn't recognize her at first, when he saw her name written on her credt card, he soon made the link with Amelia Blake and John Blackwell. Calvin was later visited by Jake Armstrong, who threatened him with a Witch Cruid. Jake wanted Calvin to tell Cassie he didn't know the meaning of the symbols she would ask about. Later, after paying a visit to Ethan Conant to discuss Cassie's dark magic, Calvin ignored Jake's warnings to warn Cassie, not about the witch-hunters but about her dark magic, which he thought she should overcome and fight off. After he delivered her her family tree , hidden in a paper, Calvin was approached by Jake, who killed him with the Cruid.[1]


Calvin Wilson appeared as a ghost twice while Jake was under John Blackwell's spell. Suffering from the Blake and Conant curse, Jake had hallucinations and thought Calvin was haunting him.The curse was later proven to be fake and Calvin wasn't a ghost, but just an illusion John Blackwell made to create a fake scene of the curse effect.[2]


Jake Armstrong: "You think people can change who they are?"
Calvin: "Of course."
— Jake and Calvin, about Wilson's beliefs.

Calvin most notable trait seems to be his belief that redemption is not only possible but that people should try to work on it. Even after Jake's death threat, he refused to let Cassie remain ignorant of the darkness in her ancestry and thus tried to warn her. Even after Jake's taunts that people couldn't not change who they were he remained adamant and repeat his belief even though he knew the person in front of him was holding his life in his hands.


Notes and Trivia

  • As he showed no magical powers alone, it can be assumed that Calvin bound his circle or was a witch with not much power.
  • Calvin is the first witch to die by a witch-cruid.
  • John Blackwell stated he wasn't a powerful witch.