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Chance Harbor High School

Casino Night at Chance Harbor High School takes place during the events of Lucky.


At casino night, Faye is extra surly about Lee , telling Melissa about the encounter at the shop. Melissa calls him an idiot, but retracts her statement after noticing him in the corner. Faye turns around and goes over to him. He tells her Eva recently got better. Faye is angry and tells him she's not going to wait for him to choose. He grabs her and kisses her. Dawn sneaks up on John Blackwell in the hallway. He violently throws her against the wall. She immediately starts flirting with him and suggests they find a way to get their power back. John is looking for Ethan and ignores her flirting. Adam arrives and apologizes to Cassie. Cassie says that she is sorry for accusing his dad and Adam concurs. He suggests they hear her dad out. Adam walks off. Dawn bumps into Cassie and tells her that her dad is looking for Adam's father. Faye and Lee are giggling and cuddly when suddenly they see Eva standing behind them. Lee says he didn't know how to tell Eva. Eva calls Faye a "coping mechanism" and tells him he can do better than her. When Lee doesn't run to her, Eva leaves.John Blackwell leaves the party. Someone follows him out with a knife in their hand.

Jake walks into the party. He stares moodily at Cassie. Melissa appears behind him and tells Jake not to be so obvious and that Cassie is really into Adam. Jake sarcastically agrees with her. Grant presents his winning tickets to Diana and asks how much the monkeys are. Diana tells him they are fifty tickets, and Grant gets two stuffed monkeys, giving one to Diana and keeping one for himself.Cassie runs outside in time to see someone stabbing her father. She checks that her dad is alright then runs after his attacker. Her father screams for her not to but Cassie ignores his warnings. She uses her magic to turn on the flood lights on the field and trips the attacker up with one of the bleacher stands. The attacker is knocked out. Cassie runs up to him and wields a piece of the broken wood in her hand. She sees it's Ethan. She's about to murder him, only to be stopped by her dad. He runs over and tells her to just let him go. She agrees, throwing the piece of wood on the ground. Grant walks Diana to her car. He says he's leaving tomorrow morning, but might come back. Diana questions why he would come to a small town like Chance Harbor, then kisses him on he lips. He says he'll be back.

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