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Cassie and Amelia
General Information




First Met

Day of Cassie's birth

Intimacy Level


Portrayed By

Britt Robertson and Emily Holmes

The relationship between Cassie Blake and Amelia Blake.


Amelia was dating Cassie's father John Blackwell and their love produced a daughter. Amelia learned the truth about John's betrayal and left Chance Harbor with Cassie. The two would move from town to town a lot. Her mother would keep secrets about witches, magic and her father. The two were close during her entire childhood.

Season OneEdit

Cassie was on her way to her mother's house until her car had a flat tire. Amelia was at the house talking to Cassie. Charles came by and burn the house on fire with Amelia inside. Her mother died and she moved to her grandmother's house. Cassie read a letter that her mother left for her.

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