Cassie Charles Hands
Cassie and Charles
General Information




First Met


Intimacy Level


Portrayed By

Britt Robertson & Gale Harold

The relationship between Cassie Blake and Charles Meade.

Season One

Cassie was on her way to her mother's house until her car had a flat tire. Charles was outside of Amelia's house and used magic to burn the house with Amelia inside it. Amelia's death would bring Cassie to Chance Harbor. Cassie met Charles who is Diana's dad and unknown to her the man who killed her mother. Charles would come between Cassie and Ethan before Ethan could say more.

Cassie would stay with Diana at her house and Charles accepted it. She attend dinner with Diana, Charles, Kate and Dawn. Few days later, she moved back into her grandmother's house and would thank Charles for letting her stay.

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