Cassie and Dawn
General Information




First Met


Intimacy Level


Portrayed By

Britt Robertson & Natasha Henstridge

The relationship between Cassie Blake and Dawn Chamberlain.

Season One

Dawn started her plans to bring Cassie to Chance Harbor by sending Charles to kill Amelia Blake, Cassie's mother.

Cassie attended Chance Harbor High School soon after and met Dawn who was the principal of the school. Dawn told Cassie that her mother was her friend and was sorry for her loss. She also told Cassie to ask her if she needed anything. She came to help Cassie when Sally was injuried and used the crystal to revive her.

Dawn attended dinner with Charles along with Cassie, Diana and Kate at Charles' house.

Dawn came to see Lucy after her meeting with Cassie and Jake.

Dawn ask Cassie about her father who was looking for Ethan.

Dawn has plans for Cassie and the circle to restore her powers.

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