Ethan wake
Cassie and Ethan
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Britt Robertson and Adam Harrington

The relationship between Cassie Blake and Ethan Conant.

Season One

Cassie first met Ethan who is Adam's dad and the owner of the Boathouse. Ethan recognized Cassie as Amelia's daughter. Ethan would tell Cassie about how he and Amelia are written in the stars and that its the same with her and Adam. He would tell Cassie about her father until Charles intervened.

Calvin Wilson would come by to talk to Ethan about Cassie. Cassie knew nothing about her father John Blackwell and Ethan tell Calvin to leave her alone.

In Fire/Ice, at the dance Cassie would talk to Ethan about what he knows about her father. Ethan told her to never go down the same road as her father and avoided answering her question.

In Witness, Cassie saw Ethan at the day of the boatyard fire and told Adam about it.

In Lucky, Ethan stabbed John while Cassie witnessed it. Ethan ran and Cassie chased after him, she used her dark magic to stop Ethan. Her dark magic was pushing her to kill Ethan until John stopped her and she let Ethan go. Cassie avoided Ethan after that event.

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