Cassie and Faye
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Friends, Former enemies

Portrayed By

Britt Robertson and Phoebe Tonkin

"Who died and made you Queen witch?"
Faye to Cassie [src]

The relationship between Cassie Blake and Faye Chamberlain.

Season One


Cassie Blake and Faye Chamberlain.

Cassie meets Faye on her first day at school and is slightly intimidated by her. They later meet again at the Boathouse when Faye tries to insult Cassie to the point that she will use her powers. She fails. Later, she ends up almost burning Cassie to death inside her car until Adam saves her. Faye's the one to tell Cassie that she's a witch when the others hesitate.

Faye discovers that Cassie has a book of shadows. She borrows it to see if she can get her individual magic back.

Faye grows to dislike Cassie further when she kisses Jake.

Cassie ends up attending a sleepover at Faye's house but having to leave early.


  • They have both dated Jake.


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