Cassie and Jane
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First Met

the Day of Cassie's birth

Intimacy Level


Portrayed By

Britt Robertson & Ashley Crow

The relationship between Cassie Blake and Jane Blake. Jane and Cassie shared a familial relationship being grandmother and granddaughter.


Jane might of met Cassie when she was a baby. After the boatyard fire, Amelia left Jane and took Cassie with her out of Chance Harbor.

Season One

After Cassie lost her mother , she moved to Chance Harbor to stay with her grandmother. Jane welcomed Cassie to her house and gave her a room to stay in. Jane tried to keep Cassie away from magic.

Melissa became possessed by a demon, Cassie told her grandmother that she is a witch like her and her mother. Jane came with Cassie to help Melissa though the demon possessed Nick. They later found Nick dead along with the demon.

Cassie began to think that the circle is better broken, Jane told her that the circle is still bound and she has the responsibility to lead the circle. Jane came by to see Cassie injuried by Simone and was helped by Jake Armstrong. Jane gave Cassie her crystal to use to protect herself and warns about the crystal's effect on a person wielding it.

Jane was leaving to see Henry after not hearing from him in weeks. Cassie latered became concerned when her grandmother hasn't called back and when to Henry's house to check on her. She got a text from Charles using Jane's phone that she is back at home.

Cassie asked for her grandmother's help in figuring out the paper she got from Calvin Wilson while Jane was dealing with her memory problem. Jane saw Cassie at the Gala and though she was Amelia.

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