The Secret Circle Season 1 Episode 3 Loner 8-4086-590-700-80
Cassie and Luke
General Information




First Met


Intimacy Level


Portrayed By

Zachary Abel and Britt Robertson

The relationship between Cassie Blake and Luke.

Season One

Adam introduce Cassie to his friend Luke. Luke became interested in Cassie and Adam encouraged him to go to the dance with her. They went to the dance together, Cassie and the circle began to deal with Zachary Larson. Luke came by to check on Cassie, he told that he could be with her until she figure things out.

Cassie saw Luke when Faye suggest that she invites him even though Cassie wasn't the best date. He got invited to Cassie's Halloween party and took the opportunity to kidnap Cassie and the witches. Cassie and the others were captured by Luke who is in fact a witch hunter. Luke was going to kill Diana with a cruid until Cassie shatter it. He then used Cassie's cruid to kill her until Cassie's dark magic caused him to go up in flames.

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