Cassie and Melissa
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Britt Robertson & Jessica P. Kennedy

The relationship between Cassie Blake and Melissa Glaser.

Season One

Cassie met Melissa along with Faye at the Boathouse while waiting for Diana. Melissa was with Faye when Cassie's car was on fire. Cassie learned that Melissa and the others were witches like her. Melissa was with Faye during class when they cause Cassie's glass to break and she broke their glass using magic in anger. After Sally was saved, Cassie and Melissa are bound with the other members of the circle.

Melissa and Nick went to help Cassie and Faye when they were attacked by Heather Barnes who is possessed by Abaddon. Melissa later became possessed and tried to free the demons until Cassie and the others were able to stop her. Cassie brought her grandmother Jane to help Melissa who was freed from the demon. The demon possessed Nick and later they both died.

Melissa help with Cassie's halloween party and saw the piece of the blade that Simone attack Cassie with. They were kidnapped by witch hunters to be killed. Cassie was able to kill Luke and save the others.

In Fire/Ice, Cassie show Melissa and Diana the symbol that is also in her book of shadows. Cassie realized that a page was ripped, Melissa knew that Faye took it and never said a word. Cassie went in to find Melissa while the place was on fire. Cassie became unconscious and they both were saved by Jake.

In Valentine, Melissa invited Cassie and Diana to Faye's anti Valentines day slumber party. Melissa saw Cassie texting to Adam and kept it a secret from the girls.

In Lucky, Melissa notice Jake staring at Cassie and told him that Cassie was into Adam.

In Sacrifice, Melissa began to feel sorry for Cassie when her relationship with Adam was broken.

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