Cassie and Nick
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Britt Robertson & Louis Hunter

The relationship between Cassie Blake and Nick Armstrong.

Season One

Cassie lives next door to Nick's house and the two are neighbors. Cassie first saw Nick looking at her through the window. Cassie closed the curtains though Nick open it and saw Cassie changing. Cassie met Nick with the circle and introduce himself as the guy in the window.

Cassie saw Nick through the window the next day . She tried to close Nick's curtains but ended up closing the window which shattered after that. Nick was with Cassie at the time that they bound the circle. Nick would help Cassie when she was attacked by Zachary Larson.

Nick and Melissa went to help Cassie and Faye when they were attacked by Heather Barnes who is possessed by a demon. Cassie came by to see a case that Nick digged up and they discovered that Melissa is possessed by the same demon they thought had died. They were able to restrain Melissa and Cassie went to her grandmother for her help. Nick became possessed when the demon left Melissa and ran away from the circle. Cassie and the others found Nick dead. Cassie looked at Nick's window while thinking of Nick.

Cassie met his older brother Jake Armstrong who she has grown close to. Cassie came to pay here respects to Nick at the Wake .

In Traitor, Nick stole a crystal from Cassie and the circle. While he tried to escape Cassie stopped him and got the crystal back. Cassie saw Nick's face and was shocked to find out that he's alive.

In Prom, Cassie and the others learned that the Nick they knew is still dead. He came after the last crystal and tried to give it to Eben. Cassie took the crystal out of his hands.


  • In the books, Nick and Cassie briefly date.
  • Nick still had feelings for Cassie in The Divide, and was hurting that she was with Adam.

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