Cassie and Sally
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Britt Robertson & Logan Browning

The relationship between Cassie Blake and Sally Matthews.

Season One

Cassie first met Sally at school and the two became friends. Cassie helps Sally by volunteering for the Sea Fair by giving tickets. Sally came between Cassie and Faye's argument and Faye pushed her with magic. Cassie when to check on Sally and Dawn came by with a crystal to revive Sally.

Sally came by to ask Cassie to help with the dance and Cassie was relieved that Sally was alright. Sally told Cassie that she got flashes of Faye and that she did it. Sally noticed that Cassie couldn't stop staring at Adam and she think that Cassie should asked him out. Sally was able to get Cassie to dance with Adam Conant. Sally came by the hall to see the mess that Cassie and the others made.

Cassie and Sally seemed to stop hanging out together after the dance. Therefore, their current relationship/friendship status is unknown.

Sally and Faye seem to have a past and are not fond of each other.


  • Her relationship with Sally is nearly like her mother's relationship with Heather Barnes.
  • They originally meet in the Pilot but when Kevin Williamson rewrote the script they meet in Bound instead.
  • Cassie and Sally are enemies in the books as well.

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