Charles and Dawn
General Information




First Met

in childhood

Intimacy Level

Close acquaintance

Portrayed By

Gale Harold & Natasha Henstridge

The relationship between Charles Meade and Dawn Chamberlain.

Early History

Charles had a crush on Dawn when they were teenagers. They both sided with John Blackwell during their time in the circle. Charles married Elizabeth and Dawn married Thomas. They survived the Boatyard fire along with Ethan Conant and Patrick Glaser. Their magic was stripped by the Elders and they held a grudge against them ever since.

Season One

They started their plans to restore their power and would share a crystal. They planned to kill Amelia to lure her daughter Cassie to Chance Harbor. They each met Cassie when she came to town. Charles and Dawn have plans for Cassie and the circle. When Henry would try to stop the circle, Dawn killed him and Charles would help cover it up. Charles told Diana he and Dawn are dating. They would later work together to stop Zachery Larson from killing the circle. They marked him and warned him not to come back.

They would attempt get their powers back with the blood moon and the crystal which later failed. Charles would save Dawn from Nick while being possessed by a demon. He would kill the demon along with Nick by drowning them. She thanked him for saving his life while he's feeling guilt for killing Nick. He would return from Henry's house with Jane and another crystal. Dawn suggest that she holds the crystal but Charles decided to keep it.

She was visit by Charles's mother Kate who is suspecious about Dawn and her son. They a had a talk about his mother and she suggest to kill her which Charles is against the idea. She went to join Charles for dinner and he began to feel worried for his mother when Dawn offered her wine. Their relationship fell apart when Charles began to have doubts about Dawn and her true plans. Dawn tricked Ethan into getting back at Charles. Charles found out about her tricking Ethan for the crystal. He planned to get the crystal back and warned Dawn to never cross him again. Charles went to Dawn's house to find her on the floor stabbed. He used the crystal to revive her.

They were able to work together to figure out what John Blackwell is up to. They visited Jane after she talked to John and Cassie. Charles used the crystal to learned what she told John. Dawn confronted John about the Blake Conant curse he made up and figured out that he still has his powers.

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