Medallion 10
Charles and Ethan
General Information




First Met

in their teens

Intimacy Level


Portrayed By

Gale Harold and Adam Harrington

The relationship between Charles Meade and Ethan Conant.


Charles and Ethan were friends during their time in the circle. Charles sided with John Blackwell against the truce with the witch hunters while Ethan was helping the witch hunters to kill John. Charles and Ethan survived the boatyard fire while their loved ones were killed.

Season One

Ethan was going to tell Cassie about her father until Charles intervene. Charles threaten Ethan by using magic to drown Ethan's mouth in water and tell him to never talk about John to Cassie. Ethan called Henry about what Charles has done.

Ethan was tricked by Dawn to get back at Charles. He called Charles to tell him to come or he will tell the elders. Ethan knocked out Charles and got the crystal from him. He used the same magic that used on him on Charles. Charles knew that Dawn got to him and told him to never give her the crystal or he is dead.

Charles came to Adam's birthday party and the two were able to keep thing cool during the party. Charles got his crystal back while Ethan was sleeping. Ethan woke up and realized that the crystal was gone.

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