Jane and charles
Charles and Jane
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Gale Harold and Ashley Crow

The relationship between Charles Meade and Jane Blake.


Jane was one of the elders who stripped Charles and the circle of their magic. He's had a grudge against Jane ever since then. He cites her "arrogance and smugness" that he attributes to her being of a more powerful bloodline than his.

Season One

Jane went to see Henry Chamberlain after not hearing from him in weeks. She found Henry dead on the floor of his house and retrived a crystal from a hidden compartment. She was going to revive him until Charles knocked her out cold and took the crystal. Charles came back to Chance Harbor with Jane and used her cellphone to text Cassie that she is back. He used a spell on her to erase the memories of the event. Charles and Dawn discover that Jane has a memory problem from the spell and was placed in a nursing home.

Charles came to see Jane about what she told Cassie and John. He freed her from the spell and ask her to help him kill John Blackwell. Charles came by to see Jane preparing a spell to immobilize him and a witch cruid to kill him with. John was trapped by Janes spell and the crystal that Charles holds. Charles lit up a match to light the cruid to kill John, but Jane blew it so she can ask John about Amelia 's death. Jane learned that John wasn't responsible for Amelia's death and she refused to kill him. Charles decided to go against Jane's advice to kill John, he lit up the cruid which kill Jane instead of John due to the cruid being switch.

Charles never attend the wake for Jane's death due to him being responsible for her death.

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