Charles and Kate
General Information




First Met

Day of Charles' birth

Intimacy Level


Portrayed By

Gale Harold and Stepfanie Kramer

The relationship between Charles Meade and Kate Meade.


Kate loves her son Charles and is worried about how he is drawn to power. She stripped her son of his magic after the boatyard fire.

Season One

Kate came to visit Charles and Diana at their house. Diana told her that he is dating Dawn Chamberlain. Charles was glad that she came for Diana. Dawn and Charles had a talk about Kate, Dawn suggest that they kill her but Charles was against the idea and told her that he will handle his mother. Charles attended dinner with Kate, Cassie, Diana and Dawn. Charles was worried that Dawn would poison his mother and stopped Kate from drinking. He later saw Kate packing after she tested Cassie Blake to see how powerful she is. Kate knew that Charles was involved in Henry's death and Jane's mental deterioration. She told Charles to change for Diana and himself.

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