Christopher and Douglas Henderson
General Information
  • November 17, 1975
  • Male
  • Witch
  • High School Student
  • The Club
Relationship Information
Character Information
First Appearance
Power of thunder have I over thee. Power of lightning have I over thee.
— Chris and Doug invoking their power against Black John [src]

Christopher and Douglas Henderson are two eccentric and free-spirited sixteen-year old twin brothers who reside in New Salem with their family. After the arrival of Cassie Blake, both Chris and Doug agree to help Faye taunt Cassie, in exchange for Faye convincing her friends, Deborah and Suzan, to go out with them. Throughout the series, Cassie discovers that Christopher and Douglas also had a sister, who had mysteriously died on the night of her fifteenth birthday, shortly after Cassie arrived in New Salem. They were both devastated by her death and tried many times to convince the Circle to take action against the outsiders who they suspected to be involved. Eventually it was revealed that their sister was killed by Sean under Black John's influenced and they were able to forgive him. They are both skilled in thunder magic.

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