A Circle is another name for a coven of witches who are bound and practice magic together.


Circles are created for witches to increase their knowledge and power of witchcraft. Jane Blake told her granddaughter that Circles were meant to protect witches and non-witches alike. A witch's power is greatly increased when a Circle is complete.

Forming A Circle


Witches are said to have been born into a Circle, like a predestined thing. The Chance Harbour Circle is formed of Six Witch Families from different generations. Adam Conant suggested that a Complete Circle contains six witches but this could only be to his knowledge as his Circle has six witches. It is assumed that there are Circles formed all over the world.

Binding a Circle

When there is a complete Circle, the witch's powers are greatly magnified. Melissa commented that without a full Circle, the group was only able to do really lame or less powerful spells. But even though a complete Circle enables it's member to access greater power, that power is very uncontrolled and magical energy runs astray. Circles may choose to bind themselves, which creates a link between each member. While unable to access individual power, when in the presence of another Circle member, magic can be performed and is way more easy to control. However, there are downfalls to binding a Circle. It leaves an individual witch more vulnerable to attacks, because they can't use individual power, and moreover, to perform a spell requires every member to concentrate on the desired effect.

If a member of a bound Circle was to die, the remaining circle members will still be bound, as Circles were designed to last. Not only are the members bound to one another, but they are bound to each other's Bloodlines, which makes it possible to replace a lost member with a relative who has the same heritage.

Circle magic is said to be complicated, because it involves other people's attitudes and personalities. So witches may use crystals to magnify their power, which is a more simpler alternative, as crystals are a reflection of the individual Witch.

Spells and Rituals

Meade Book of Shadows Binding Ceremony

This spell is used to bind a Circle together.

  • Incantation: Fire, earth, metal, air, water and blood, by these elements we bind the circle and follow in the steps of our ancestors, who pledged themselves to fight against the forces of darkness. When evil assails us, when fear weakens us, when descent threatens us. In the Circle we will find our power. We come to this place alone, but leave bound as one. With this oath, our journey begins together. Do you accept the circle? - All: I accept.


Chance Harbor Circle

The Chance Harbor Circle consists of the Blake, Meade, Armstrong, Conant, Glaser, and Chamberlain Families of Witches. The current Circle must practice their witchcraft in secrecy, as witchcraft has been abolished during the former generation time. Diana Meade believed that is because the previous circle which consisted of their parents didn't bind their Circle and caused an accident. Until it was learned by Cassie who went into the past that the Witch Hunters slaughter the former Circle and John Blackwell retailed by setting the Boatyard Fire. However, Sara Armstrong lost her life due to this since she was trapped in the room she was in. Leading to the Elders stripping survivors of their powers since their native attitudes about a peace treaty with the Witch Hunters got them killed in the first place since according to Jake Armstrong is impossible since Witch Hunters hate their prey and can't stand to be around them.

Other Circles