Dawn Chamberlain Poster

power of ice

Cryokinesis is an element similar to Molecular Immobilization and it is the power to freeze with the mind.

This power belonged to Dawn Chamberlain before she had her powers taken from her by the Elders. It's been stated that not all witches are equal.

The fact that Adam Conant is shown to have the power over water in Pilot means that they are separate powers from each other, so this causes one to have the power of ice while others don't. Jane Blake told Cassie she has powers the Circle doesn't have in Wake. In the poster Dawn is shown to have power over ice. Faye Chamberlain, Dawn's daughter, is the first to use this element after she absorbed the powers of her Circle.



Known Users



  • Dawn is never seen using this power as it was stripped away from her. However, her daughter Faye is the first person shown to use this power in "Fire/Ice" when she stole the Circle's magic.
  • In the 3rd book, Nick Armstrong used "The Power of Ice" against Black John.

Faye freezes a glass cup.

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