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"Your circle combined with the power of the six crystals will be able to destroy them once and for all."
— John Blackwell.
The Crystal Skull is a combination of the six Salem Witch Families Crystals - the Blake, Meade, Chamberlain, Glaser, Armstrong, and Conant. When all the Crystals are put together, they form a Crystal Skull - the most powerful weapon of destruction ever created, as said by Royce Armstrong.


To form the Crystal Skull, all the Family Crystals must be destroyed first, to let theIr collective original power reform itself into one and only. While destroying them (unknown incantation), the Crystals may catch fire, but witches can touch it with no harm. Then, the six Crystals must be thrown into the Lake where the oath between the families was made, and where the Crystal Skull was once destroyed. After some wait, the Crystal should come back to the surface on its own in a jelly-like form. By placing their hands on it, witches should be able to make it take its true form (still, it is unknown if random witches are able, or if it only reacts to Dark Witches).

The ritual also has an effect on the family lines. Since the Crystals is used to link each of the six Salem families, destroying them breaks the link between those families and therefore unbinds the Chance Harbor Circle.


The Crystal Skull was so powerful the original witch families that settled in Chance Harbor decided to split it into six crystals, one belonging to each of the six families that composed the Circle. The separate crystals were used for generations by different members of the six families until John Blackwell returned to Chance Harbor and, after earning the trust of most of the current generation of the circle, succeeded in convincing them to make the ritual to reform the Crystal Skull in order to protect themselves from the Witch Hunters.

However, once the Crystal Skull was reformed it was revealed what Blackwell's true motive was - use its immense power to kill all witches lacking of Balcoin blood. He was eventually killed by his own daughters, Diana and Cassie, when they turned the power of the skull against him.

After some indecision on what to do with the skull, the circle decided to give it to Adam Conant so he could get rid of it but in a surprising turn of events, the skulls seemed to seduce Adam into give in to the lust of power the skull possess.



  • In the novels, Black John was able to resurrect himself each time he was killed by transferring his essence to the Crystal Skull. It is possible that his TV counterpart, John Blackwell, may have done the same.
    • This implies that Adam is in fact being manipulated by John through the Crystal Skull, presumably to resurrect himself in the future.

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