Crystals and Gemstones are natural mediums used by witches to focus their power to achieve a specific goal. Every witch is said to have a unique working crystal that is suited to them.

Notable Crystals and Gemstones

  • Jade - calming, peaceful, sharpens mental clarity
  • Peridot - a visionary stone
  • Clear Quartz - power, clarity, and purity
  • Tiger's Eye - to ward off bad dreams
  • Hematite - powerful stone for iron strength
  • Citrine - physical activity, energy, and fitness
  • Amethyst - soothing and balancing, focus, and fight off psychic attacks
  • Rose Quartz - helps draw love to you
  • Fire Opals - passion
  • Red Jasper - stability
  • Carnelians - stimulating
  • Onyx - surrending to your shadow self
  • Star Rubies - amplifies passion or anger very quickly
  • Chalcedony - protective influence
  • Moonstone - good dreams, calming
  • Lodestone/Magnetite - black, iron oxide, magnetic, strength, power, and darkness

Crystal and Gemstone Facts

  • Crystals are, for some, fossilised water. But some others see crystals as a beach: water and sand, with enough heat and pressure, forming together quartz cristals.
  • Bigger cystals are more powerful than smaller ones.
  • Red and Ornge crystals can be ovrwhelming and shouldn't be worn all the time.



Diana's Book of Shadows: pages about crystals


  • Melanie Glaser is said to be the Circle's expert on crystals and gemstones, a trait which she seems to share with her great-aunt Constance.
  • Cassie Blake uses, in the third novel of the serie, the power of the beach to canalise her powers against the Crystal Skull power.

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