The Secret Circle
Season 1, Episode 10
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January 5, 2012


David Ehrman


Chris Grismer

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Darkness is the tenth episode in the first season of The Secret Circle. It aired on January 5, 2012 and was the first episode airing after the winter break.


Cassie turns to Adam when she uncovers a secret about herself that she needs kept from the rest of the Circle, including Diana. Meanwhile, Diana is thrilled when her grandmother Kate drops in for a visit, but Charles is suspicious of his mother’s motives after Kate takes an unusual interest in Cassie. Meanwhile, Faye recruits a mysterious stranger named Lee to help her with a spell that could change the balance of the Circle forever.



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Faye: "This whole moody, mopey thing… I’m over it. If Nick could hear you right now, like as a ghost or something, he would be laughing at how sappy you’re being right now. And boring!" (to Melissa)

Cassie: "The scary part is I like it."

Kate: "It’s high school all over again. He’s had a crush on her forever." (about Charles and Dawn)

Diana: "Really? You're exploring dark magic for a friend?"

Cassie: "You told everyone about my dark magic problem!"

Kate: "You have dark magic, Cassie Blake."

Faye: "It’s always the short, quiet ones you have to look out for." (about Cassie)

Faye: "No, smartass … we are the mean girls."

Faye: "Melissa, here’s what you have to understand. Some things can be really bad and really good at the same time!"

Adam: "Jake. That’s where we’re getting our truth now?"

Cassie: "I know it's not right, but it felt really good."


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Black Water The Devil's Walk Apparat Buy
Easy Way Out Making Mirrors Gotye Buy
Sweet Dreams The Grates
The Shakes Parallax Atlas Sound Buy



Notes and Trivia

  • This is the first episode of The Secret Circle airing in 2012.
  • Adam is looking at a webpage about dark magic, which has the following incorrectly typed URL: "http://www/bing/43$W#../satanic/666#....". Lee Labeque's webpage URL is also incorrent: "http://www/"
  • It's implied by Kate that Cassie has bound her white magic to the Circle, which makes her more prone to the dark side of her magic.
  • Kate has stated that Cassie is powerful enough to tip the balance of good and evil.
  • Both The Vampire Diaries and The Secret Circle episodes started with a dream about death.
  • Ashley Crow is no longer credited for the episodes she doesn't appear in.

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