Dawn bound5
Dawn and Henry
General Information




First Met

in her teens

Intimacy Level


Portrayed By

Natasha Henstridge & Tom Butler

"Well, we all have to blame someone."
— Charles Meade to Dawn about Henry's grudge on his daughter-in-law.

The relationship between Henry Chamberlain and Dawn Chamberlain.


Henry lost his son Thomas Chamberlain in the boatyard fire and blamed Dawn for it. He was one of the elders that took Dawn's power away and she held a grudge on Henry and the elders after that.

Season One

Henry came to see Faye and Dawn while on business. Dawn learned from Henry that Charles was using magic and was told by Ethan. When Sally was on the brink of death, Dawn used the crystal while Henry witness her using it. He ask that she give him the crystal or he will the the elder, Dawn killed Henry from saying anything and asked Charles to cover it up.

When Faye was going to her grandfather's house, she tried to keep Faye from going but couldn't. The next day she came by to Faye crying over the loss of her grandfather and she comforts her.

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