Dawn and Kate
General Information




First Met


Intimacy Level


Portrayed By

Stepfanie Kramer and Natasha Henstridge

The relationship between Dawn Chamberlain and Kate Meade.


Her son had a crush on Dawn and was glad that she turned him down. Kate knew of Dawn's habit of using people to get what she wants. Kate and the Elders stripped Dawn of her magic and Dawn had a grudge against them ever since then.

Season One

Kate came to visit Charles and Diana, she learned that her son is dating Dawn. She came to visit Dawn to talk about their relationship. She didn't believe Dawn about her feelings for Charles and she would let her hurt her son. Dawn came to talk to Charles about his mother and suggest that they get rid of her. Dawn came to dinner and kiss Charles in front of Kate. Dawn offered wine to Kate until Charles stopped his mother from drinking it.

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