Deborah Armstrong
General Information
  • November 28, 1975
  • Female
  • Witch
  • High School Student
  • The Club
Relationship Information
  • Mr. Armstrong (father)
  • Grace Armstrong (mother)
  • Nicholas Armstrong (paternal uncle)
  • Sharon Armstrong (paternal aunt by marriage)
  • Nick Armstrong (cousin)
Power of wind have I over thee.
— Deborah invoking her power against Black John [src]

Deborah Armstrong is a cruel and selfish sixteen-year old girl who resides in New Salem with her family. Deborah is the only child of Mr. Armstrong and Grace Armstrong. After the arrival of Cassie Blake, Deborah is initially hateful toward Cassie, however she later becomes an unsuspected ally of Cassie, after the discovery of Cassie’s exceedingly powerful magic. Throughout the series, Deborah is the best friend of the equally mean Faye Chamberlain. Despite her attitude, she respects those who stand up to her and likes Cassie because she has a hidden strength. She is compared to the goddess of hunting Artemis. Deborah's working crystal is Citrine.

Powers and abilities

  • Standard witch powers
  • Power of Wind
    • Aerokinesis


The Power

  •  'I don't care if her father's Adolf Hitler. What's it got to do with Cassie?' 

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