Devil's Spirit was a drug of unconfirmed origin or purpuse. The only two known dealers of the drug were Callum and Lee, although the latter quit the buisness.

Later, when Faye introduced Melissa Glaser to the drug, her friend quickly became addicted, always getting more from Callum, which seemed to have an interest in Melissa. However, Melissa had an overdose of Devil's Spirit on Valentine's Day, after she had too much fun with it along Diana Meade.

Lee's girlfriend, Eva, was apparently rendered comatose for an unspecified amount of time after consuming too much of the drug but she would be nursed back to health by Lee's Voodoo Totem with the unwitting help of Faye Chamberlain.


  • The true use of the drug was never determined. Callum implyied it could increase extrasensory perceptions of an individual but, if this is the case then it puts in question why Melissa and Eva were badly affected by the drug. An explanation could be that the drug increases the mind's reach in an artificial manner so much that if its consumed in excess, the mind cannot handle the stress and it renders the victim comatose.
  • Its also unclear if witches can heal faster from an overdose than mortal. While it seems likely, the fact Eve probably consumed much more Devil's spirit than Melissa turns it into an open question.

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