Diana and Charles
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Family/broken bond/broken loyalty

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Day of Diana's birth

Intimacy Level


Portrayed By

Shelley Hennig and Gale Harold

The relationship between Diana Meade and Charles Meade.


Diana was born as the daughter of Charles Meade and Elizabeth Meade. Her mother had an affair with John Blackwell who is her biological father. After Elizabeth had died in the boatyard fire Charles continues to raise his daughter. Charles learned that Diana has found her book of shadows and was forming a circle which made him prepared to bring Cassie to Chance Harbor.

Season One

Diana and her step-father were close throughout her lifetime. She was happy to hear that he was dating Dawn Chamberlain. Charles talked to Diana about avoiding Zachary Larson after he heard that Cassie and Diana had an encounter with him. He went to talk to Zachary to tell him to stay away from the children which ended when he got beaten by him. Zachary was stopped by Diana and the circle and Charles and Dawn mark Zachary to never come back.

In Wake, Charles came to see Diana while she was looking at a picture of her and Nick. He told her that they were close went they were young. He comfort her when she was sad that Nick had died.

In Darkness, Kate came to visit Diana and Charles. Diana told her that he is dating Dawn Chamberlain and Kate came for Diana when she broke up with Adam. Diana came with Cassie who is welcome to their house which Charles accepted. They had dinner at the house with Kate, Cassie and Dawn.

In Return, Diana and Charles learned that Cassie is moving back to her grandmother's house. Cassie thanked him for letting her stay.

In Traitor, Diana came back from Cassie's house and they began to talk about her mother's relationship with John Blackwell and the possibly that John is her father. He told her about how he and her mother seperated for a couple of weeks and how their relationship grew stronger afterwards. She began to cry from learning the truth and Charles tells her that he's her father not John. He told her to never let John manipulate her and to stay away from her. He comforts her and tells her that he loves her.

In Prom, Diana finds out that Charles killed Cassie's mother, Amelia.

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