Diana and Faye
General Information




First Met

in childhood

Intimacy Level


Portrayed By

Shelley Hennig and Phoebe Tonkin

The relationship between Diana Meade and Faye Chamberlain.


Diana use to be friends with Melissa until she dated Adam and Melissa became friends with Faye. Diana found her book of shadows and discovered that she and the others are witches. Faye and Diana were more like enemies during the times they share.

Season One

Faye used her magic on Cassie's car which let up on fire though Cassie was saved by Adam. Diana went to see Faye about using her magic and the two were at each others faces. Diana was going to tell Cassie about who she is until Faye said that she is a witch. Faye used her magic to create a storm and Diana told her to stop it. Faye couldn't stop the storm but Cassie did. Faye was against Diana's idea to bound the circle due to not being able to use individual magic while bound. After Sally nearly died from being pushed from Faye, she was convinced to bound the circle. Diana and Faye found out that Charles and Dawn are dating.

In Valentine, she and Cassie were invited to Faye's anti Valentines day slumber party which Melissa convinced her to. Faye talked to Diana about their friendship with Melissa. They went to check on Melissa to find her overdosed on devil's spirit. Melissa was snapped out it and took Diana's hand instead of Faye's. When Diana was about to move out Faye insisted to let her stay for Melissa. The three stay around and had a pillow fight.

In Return, she asked Faye for her help in finding Melissa. They asked Lee for his help in finding Callum. They went to Callum's party and found Melissa, they left to help the others.

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