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Shelley Hennig and Joe Lando

The relationship between Diana Meade and John Blackwell.


John had a relationship with her mother Elizabeth Meade and is Diana's biological father. Diana has been raised by Charles without knowing who her father was.

Season One

Diana first saw John while trying to stop a spell on Cassie that Eben has on her. The circle began to talk about John and wonder if they did the right thing by saving him. Diana would work with John though the two aren't close. She would help John with Melissa in making an elixir for Adam and Cassie. She continues to work with him in searching for the crystals to fight Eben and the witch hunters.

In Crystal, Diana learned that Cassie is her half-sister and that John is her father.

In Traitor, John told Cassie about his relationship with Elizabeth and would be there for Diana. She talked to her step-father about the truth she learned about John being her father. Charles told Diana to not let John manipulated her and to stay away from him. Diana convince the circle to search for the crystal without John's help due to her not trusting John. John went to see Dawn to convince her to stop Charles from taking Diana away from Chance Harbor.

In Prom, John wanted to talk to Diana though she refused because she still didn't trust John. John planned to break the bond she has with Charles by using a spell on him that made him reveal the fact that he killed Amelia Blake. Diana left after she learned the truth, John was outside and left afterwards.

In Family

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