Diana and Kate
General Information



Family/broken bond/broken loyalty

First Met

Day of Diana's birth

Intimacy Level


Portrayed By

Shelley Hennig and Stepfanie Kramer

The relationship between Diana Meade and Kate Meade.


Diana was raised by her step-father and use to be close to her step-grandmother after her mother died. It's revealed in Family, that Kate always knew about Diana being John Blackwell's biological daughter, and as a result, having dark magic. Despite not being Diana's biolocical grandmother, she loves her very much.

Season One

Diana called her step-grandmother Kate about her break up with Adam Conant that she didn't tell Charles. Kate came to visit Diana and Charles, Diana told her that her dad is dating Dawn. Before dinner, she introduce Kate to her friend Cassie Blake. Diana told Cassie to go with her step-grandmother to try to be ridded of dark magic. She was dissapointed with Kate when she tried to kill Cassie and was glad that she's gone.

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