Lucky 4
Diana and Melissa
General Information



Best Friends

First Met

in their teens

Intimacy Level

Best Friends

Portrayed By

Shelley Hennig and Jessica P. Kennedy

The relationship between between Diana Meade and Melissa Glaser.


Diana and Melissa use to be best friends until Diana grew closer to Adam. Melissa eventually became best friends with Faye. Diana discover that they are witches and would form a circle with six members.

Season One

Two would met Cassie Blake and would reveal to her that they are witches. Melissa sided with Diana's idea to bind the circle and who tried to convince Faye.

In Fire/Ice, Diana and Melissa were preparing for the Fire and Ice dance while talking about what happened to their relationship. In the car they would talk about how Faye scares her and Diana said that Cassie scares her too.

In Valentine, they would attend Faye's anti Valentine's Day slumber party. Melissa took some devil's spirit and shared some with Diana. They would act silly and do crazy things like kissing pizza guys. Faye and Diana became concerned for Melissa and would find her overdosed on devil's spirit. They were able to help Melissa and each gave their hand to her, Melissa took Diana's hand. They would later watch a movie and would pillow fight after that.

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