The Elders are a group of powerful witches and also former members of the Circle. Elders may be a higher form of Circle, composed of knowledgeable and wise witches. Furthermore, they seem to make important choices for the local magical community, such as stripping their children's generation of their powers and banning witchcraft if they want.

However different attitudes have been shown about the current Circle's use of magic. While Henry wanted to report it to the council of Elders, Jane Blake was supportive of Cassie's choice to be in the Circle and as she said to Dawn, she thought magic was their only way to protect themselves. Moreover, she believes in Cassie since she has given her the Blake family Crystal. As for Kate, little is known about her point of view, except she was testing Cassie's dark magic. It seems now obvious that all the Elders are aware the current Circle is practicing.

Known Elders