Effect Create and manipulate electricity
Trigger Will
Alignment Offensive Power
Category Good
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Electrokinesis is the ability to create and manipulate electrical currents and produce lightning. This is presumed to be a common power among witches, as it is elemental magic.


This power has been displayed a few times on the show. This is when Faye created a storm magically, before the Circle was bound. This storm produced heavy winds and rain, and generated fierce lightning, which she called down onto Chance Harbor. The lightning came very close to striking Diana Meade, before the spell was stopped by Cassie Blake. Faye and Cassie, before the circle was bound, showed the ability to make the lights flicker by will and due to their emotions.

Jake Armstrong showed this power during the mid-season finally to make the lights explode on the witch hunters to provide a distraction.

This power is thought to be Faye Chamberlain's predominant power, but this in uncertain, as there is dispute that her element may be "metal", as mentioned in the Meade Family Book of Shadows passage for binding a Circle.


Electric manipulation is the fairly basic ability to manipulate electric currents which produce electricity and which can lead to violent jolts or electrocution, as well as summoning lightning down upon an enemy.



With the ability to manipulate electric currents, it is possible that one could also manipulate the wavelengths of gravitational currents as well.


The ability to manipulate metal and magnetic fields and currents. Charles Meade probably has this power.

Known users

Witches who have displayed this power are:


Lightning Storm Spell

"Skies above, give me a sign. Please sky, rain down on me. More!" While this spell doesn't actually reference lightning, it definitely creates it, as it spins out of Faye's control and nearly strikes Diana.

Electrical surge spell

"Imphatus Bannacd" The spell used by Jake to make lightbulbs explode. This requires the act of crushing a lightbulb while saying the spell.


  • Concerning the predominant element surrounding Faye Chamberlain, it is unclear what her strongest element is. The season one promotional poster illustrates lightning, while the binding ceremony insinuates metal.
  • It is unknown if Charles' primary power is Atmokinesis or Metakinesis.